Wear diseases of the joints

More mobility with natural remedies.

A holistic therapy must be individually tailored to the patient and should include the areas of exercise and nutrition. The need for vitamins is usually very high and should be specifically supplemented with various vitamins. First and foremost vitamin E, which can curb inflammatory reactions. The use of hydrolytic enzymes (Enzym-Wied® N, in purely vegetable combination) is also recommended, as enzymes have a dehydrating and decongestant effect.

In degenerative joint diseases, Wiedemann Homöokomplex® RS and G and Lachemistol® can be injected at the corresponding acupuncture points. In addition, an accompanying treatment with Alho Arthrosan N drops is recommended.

Chondro-Wied® - as a dietary supplement with collagen II - should be taken over a longer period of time to support cartilage growth.