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Wiedemann Pharma


Composition: One 2 ml ampoule contains active pharmaceutical ingredients:

  • Lachesis mutus D8 dil. 1,0 ml
  • Viscum album D4 dil. 1,0 ml

Fields of application: The fields of application are derived from the homeopathic drug pictures. These include: Anxiety in the heart region (pectanginal complaints), wear and tear of the joints. Contraindications: Use during pregnancy and lactation only after consultation with your doctor. Do not use on children under the age of 12. Side effects: Occasional allergic skin reactions at the injection site, which make a dose reduction necessary. Dosage and use: In acute cases inject 1 to 2 ml Lachemistol subcutaneously up to 3 times daily, in chronic cases 1 to 2 ml subcutaneously 1 time daily. Package size and price: Package with 10 ampoules € 30,88. PZN 2074103

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