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Wiedemann Pharma

With homeopathy, enzymes and vitamins to better health and capacity.

Wiedemann Pharma GmbH, in cooperation with well-known pharmaceutical companies, not only stands for homeopathic preparations (homeocomplexes), but also for a broad peroral programme in the form of proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes and special vitamin combinations. Furthermore, the thymus extract preparation Thymowied with the immune-relevant active ingredients zinc, selenium and vitamins B6 and C was developed.

Fields of application

Healing through regeneration and prevention. Over the years, the use of so-called homeopathic complexes, i.e. the combination of several individual homeopathic remedies in one preparation, has become established in order to be able to treat entire organ systems and complex disease processes more effectively and more simply.

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Enzymes – nature's miracle weapon

Products containing enzymes, both as food supplements and as medicines, have established themselves for many years as a biological alternative or as a supplementary measure for a wide variety of diseases and complaints.

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Vitamins, minerals and trace elements – building blocks for health and vitality. For a general, healthy lifestyle and vitality, the intake of a variety of vitamins is necessary. If a balanced diet is not available, the supply of multivitamin preparations can be ensured.

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Cosmetics and skin care

Beauty is no coincidence. Look younger, healthier and better looked after with our anti-ageing organic cosmetics. To slow down skin aging processes and stimulate and support the regenerative processes of cell renewal.

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