Wiedemann Homöokomplex® A

Composition: 2 ml injectable solution contain the following active substances:

  • Drosera D4 dil. 0,4 ml
  • Bryonia cretica D4 dil. 0,4 ml
  • Grindelia robusta D4 dil. 0,4 ml
  • Hyoscyamus niger D6 dil. 0,4 ml
  • Lobelia inflata D4 dil. 0,4 ml

Other ingredients: sodium chloride, water for injections.

Guiding symptoms/Remedy pictures of individual ingredients: Allergies, asthma, acute and chronic airways diseases, bronchitis.

Wiedemann-Homeocomplex® A (as for the other 10 preparations, except for Composition). Liquid dilution for injection. Uses: Wiedemann-Homeocomplex® A is a homeopathic drug and therefore authorized without a specific therapeutic indication. Contraindications: None known. Sideeffects: There are no known undesirable effects resulting from the use of Wiedemann-Homeocomplex® A. All preparations are available as ready-to-use injectable solutions, presented in packs of ten 2 ml vials.