Revicain® Woman

Composition: One ampoule with 5 ml contains the following medically active ingredients:

  • Acidum phosphoricum D10 dil. 0,83 ml
  • Pulsatilla pratensis D4 dil. 0,83 ml
  • Acidum hydrofluoricum D8 dil. 0,83 ml
  • Damiana D6 dil. 0,83 ml
  • Aletris farinosa D4 dil. 0,83 ml
  • Passiflora incarnata D10 dil. 0,83 ml

Other ingredients: sodium chloride, water for injections. Uses: Revicain® Frau The 6 selected active substances of the combination product in the optimal potentisation offer a wide range of use for regeneration, revitalisation and alteration of the female organism. The individual active substances were selected with regard to their additional synergistic ability and activity, in order to provide an effective and harmless remedy, particularly for women over 50, to combat the highly diverse symptoms of age and age-related weaknesses, offering increased female vitality and regeneration potential. The normally occurring, often unspecific, age-related symptoms and deficits, such as decreased vitality and performance, fatigue, lack of drive, ageing skin, etc. cannot be directly considered as diseases in the strict sense of the word, but for those affected they represent a considerable impairment of their quality of life. No contraindications, side effects or interactions with other medicinal products are known. An injection series of 8 – 10 injections is recommended. Either i.c, s.c. or i.m.. Approximately half of the ampoule contents are administered either i.c. or s.c., paravertebrally at the Head´s zones. The remainder can then be given as an i.m. injection.

Revicain® Frau thus provides a combination to combat these symptoms, complaints, etc. – offering more vitality and vigour.