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Over the years, the use of so-called homeopathic complexes, i.e. the combination of several individual homeopathic remedies in one preparation, has become established in order to be able to treat entire organ systems and complex disease processes more effectively and more simply. The combination of active ingredients makes it possible to treat chronic diseases with their often multifactorial processes more effectively and more widely without having to carry out special individual drug tests.

Wiedemann Home Complex® preparations are selected combinations of proven and therapeutically proven individual homeopathic remedies for the therapeutic requirements of daily practice. Additional preparations, such as vitamin B12 Wiedemann and naturopathic therapy methods, complement the Wiedemann homoeo complexes to an effective and compatible regeneration and vitality treatment. As a rule, the Wiedemann homeopathic complexes each contain four individual homeopathic remedies which complement each other in their effect in the treatment of chronic diseases, geriatric diseases and loss of vitality. A total of 12 Wiedemann-Homöokomplex® preparations with different letter markings are available as a complete injection solution in packs of 10 ampoules of 2 ml each.

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